The Best of the Memes from the Health Care Ruling

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Not willing to let a major event go by without turning it into a meme, the Internet has birthed a series of viral healthcare jokes, which appeared on Facebook and Twitter in the hours after news broke of the Supreme Court's decision. Here are some of the takes that made us giggle. 

Game of SCOTUS

As Elspeth Reeve noted in her post on reactions to the ruling, the Internet responded to the ruling with a warning from Game of Thrones' Ned Stark

The Gleeful Gifs

On Tumblr gif fans created blogs in the style of #whatshouldwecallme that commented on the morning's events. (via BuzzFeed)

For two alternative takes on the CNN debacle see here and here

Gloating Obama

On that same note, while he may have not done a happy dance in his speech following the decision, the meme versions of Obama and his compatriots have wide smiles and haughty looks for their detractors. Take for instance the following image of Obama's "reaction" to CNN's flub

Or he and Michelle "remarking" on the events of the day

Severus Snape

Though not yet a visual meme as far as we know, Chief Justice John Roberts, the Bush appointee whose decision on the individual mandate was the swing vote in its favor, is now the subject of a viral joke comparing him to the Harry Potter series' good bad guy: Severus Snape.  At 10:15 a.m. Jezebel blogger Erin Gloria Ryan tweeted: "Roberts is the Severus Snape of the Supreme Court." Her comparison has taken on a life of its own with many on Twitter attributing the quip to Reddit. The musing on that site instigated a discussion of what Potter roles the other justices could assume. (Scalia as Voldemort?)

Affordable Care Cat

And of course, the cat, one of the Internet's favorite animals, weighed in: a blog which claims it was "inspired by a typo" features cats acting out various healthcare-related scenarios. Take for example: 

Indeed it was. 

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