Ann Romney's Dressage Horse Has a Great Health Care Plan

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Rafalca, the Romney's Olympics-bound dressage horse, nets the family a $77,000 tax credit, $2,000 of which, according to Current's calculations, is for what they spent on health care for the horse. The average American family only spends $1,557 a year on health care. 

You remember Rafalca, right? Ann Romney's special horse who competes in a strange Olympic sport called dressage that colleague Elspeth Reeve helpfully explained with GIFs

Current made an infrographic breaking down where exactly the $77,000 tax credit the Romneys registered for the horse on their 2010 returns breaks down when put up against the average American family. The tax credit for a child is only $1,000 so Rafalca is already 77 times more valuable than your little preciouses. And yes, the horse has a fantastic health care plan. 

Unsurprisingly, Rafalca outpaces the average family in shelter and transportation. A horse that's basically a fashion model with rhythm couldn't live in squalor or travel lightly. Rafalca pays about $2,400 a month for rent, versus the American family's $1,362. Rafalca also spends about ten times as much on clothing in the space of a year than the average family. It's hard out there for a dressage horse.

The only category the American family outspends Rafalca on: food. Does this mean we need to retire the phrase "eat like a horse" and replace it with "eat like a family"? 

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