What You Missed: May 3 Edition

A roundup of all the news you need to know: Charges filed in FAMU student's death; how minority voters can affect the election and more.

Prosecutors Charge 13 in FAMU Student's Death

Unable to pinpoint the exact blow that led to Robert Champion's death, prosecutors are opting to charge 13 people with hazing, more than five months after the Florida A&M University drum major was found dead on a bus after a football game. The case has ignited fervent discussions on the dangers of hazing, and some commentators have speculated that Champion was targeted because he was gay.

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Minority Voters Could Have Major Role in '12 Election

A victory for President Obama could hinge on the turnout of minority voters, according to a new census data analysis released on Wednesday by the Brookings Institution. The data indicate that if minority turnout is similar to 2008, Obama may slide into a victory. If white voters hit the polls in droves, presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney would be a force to be reckoned with, this article says.

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Texas Student Denied Leadership Position Based on Immigration Status

The Texas A&M student Senate voted against confirming fellow student Jose Luis Zelaya as its new vice president of diversity, citing questions over his current immigration status. Zelaya was denied political asylum after coming to the U.S. from Honduras at 14 but chose to remain in the country.

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May Day Rallies Reveal Unfair Workforce Issues

While Occupy demonstrators dominated the May Day protests across the nation, a diverse set of workers proved a strong showing in support of May 1, the international day for workers' rights. Across the nation, workers of different ethnicities and their supporters decried the "inconsistent and unfair" immigration-enforcement efforts across the U.S.

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D.C. to Host First Latina Blogger Retreat

Latinos in Social Media will host the Latina Blogger Retreat in Washington from May 20 to May 22. The retreat is the first of its kind and will explore issues of interest to the Latina blogging community, including technology, social media, and entrepreneurism.

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