Trump Wants to Form the Classiest, Most Luxurious Super PAC

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It has become clear that the Super PAC is perfectly designed to extract money from rich guys with bad ideas, and so it's only natural that Donald Trump, a very rich guy with some of the most famously terrible ideas, is looking to start one.

According to an interview with Newsmax's Jim Meyers and John LeBoutiller, Trump was inspired by an ad from Karl Rove's American Crossroads that portrayed Obama as too cool to govern, an ad that Trump found to be "one of the worst commercials I've ever seen."

"I am thinking about just doing my own Super PAC," explained the reality star, birther, faux presidential candidate, and Mitt Romney endorser. Trump described his ideal ad, which would no feature any unemployed swing voters, downtrodden factory workers, or struggling soccer moms, but, in true Trump fashion, rich guys laughing at the rest of us while surrounded by luxury. Inspired by the proposal for Joe Rickett's $10 million ad campaign about Rev. Jeremiah Wright, we've decided to help Trump out by illustrating a storyboard for his ad. The ad descriptions are taken from Trump's Newsmax interview.

Ad: "Oil Exporters Are Laughing At Us":


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Ad: "China Is Laughing At Us":

Memo to Trump: Please make all checks payable to The Atlantic Wire.

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