Think Herman Cain's Romney Endorsement Is Weak? #GetOverIt

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Herman Cain hosted a somewhat random press conference Wednesday to announce (for the second time!) that he's endorsed Mitt Romney, a man who has no Republican competitors in his race for president. For those not fortunate enough to be at the press conference in person, Cain tweeted:

"We need unity"? Thats the reason Cain called a press conference to say he's supporting a guy he already said he supported? Good for Team Romney that they didn't send the candidate to smile woodenly through this endorsement (unlike the Donald Trump one Romney attended.) One person who would love this endorsement (were he not on vacation) is Jon Stewart. In April, The Daily Show host mocked Romney's dribble of unenthusiastic endorsements, and this one is bound to gain a special place in an updated supercut. 


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