The Bear vs. The Pig: A Great Reagan Ad Updated

You may have already seen this a million times, but I've been on the road so it's new to me.

First, the famous "The Bear" ad from the Reagan re-election campaign in 1984. It's not so easy to find embeddable versions of this one, thus the somewhat odd spacing below. In its mere 30 seconds, the ad packed in a lot of the powerful political imagery of that era, much of which has endured. Please do watch it, even if you were of age to have seen and remembered it at the time.

Now, with that in mind as source and benchmark, please check out the recent homage version, "The Pig."

This one probably won't show up in a national ad buy, unlike The Bear, but just as a matter of craftsmanship, and as a sign of the durable effect of the original ad, it's worth noticing. Thanks to reader J.A.