Sunrise, Sunset: Obama's 'Julia' Becomes Our Mom Right Before Our Eyes

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If President Obama and Democrats want to portray themselves as on Team Woman, why are they making us feel as much anxiety as any insecurity-probing women's magazine? Earlier today, the Obama campaign released "The Life of Julia," which shows how an imaginary woman's entire life is made better by the president's policies.

The competition starts early. At age 3, Julia is learning to read in Head Start. (When did you learn to read?) At 23, her surgery is covered by her parents' health insurance, thanks to Obamacare. At 25, the interest rates on her student loans will be lower thanks to an Obama executive order. But then things get terrible. At 31-- ticking biological clock, ladies!-- Julia is pregnant. Even worse, at 37, Julia -- who post-graduation wore heels and shorter shirts -- has a mom haircut and a heaving mom bosom and a heinous mom muumuu because she is a mom. Or, as in the famous Tina Fey "Mom Jeans" ad, because, "I'm not a woman anymore. I'm a mom."

The graphic might convince liberal ladies that Democrats are looking out for them, but it seems unlikely to win over conservatives, since the premise is that the government plays a role in every second of Julia's life. But aside from the political message, it's hard not to cringe at the mom-ification of Julia:

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