Romney Picked a Slow News Day to Team Up with Trump

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One theory for why Mitt Romney is holding a big splashy fundraiser with renewed birther Donald Trump Tuesday is that all the money Trump will bring in is worth a few bad headlines. Unfortunately, the Trump-Romney fundraiser happens to be on a very slow news day, so perhaps the campaign is getting a few more headlines than expected.

Reporters are covering in detail not just the Las Vegas event itself, but every moment leading up to the candidate and the reality star appearing in the same frame. "And the Romney charter lands in Vegas. Right next to Trump's plane," ABC News' Emily Friedman tweeted at about 2:45p.m. eastern time Tuesday, which was retweeted a whole bunch of times. Images from every angle quickly followed in Zapruder-esque second-by-second analysis.

Yahoo's Holly Bailey posted the view from Romney's plane:

Fashion writer Justin Fenner spotted the Trump plane too:

"Who lined up this shot? Romney is about to deplane next to the Trump plane," Bailey followed up. CNN's Lizzie O'Leary responded, "Romney advance, call Boston."

The Associated Press' Steve Peoples agreed: "Interesting optics."

Then The Washington Post's Nia-Malika Henderson added a closer view:

Finally, the moment we all were waiting for arrived: Romney, exiting his fancy plane, with Trump's even fancier plane behind him. Bailey tweets this photo:

Peoples adds, "Romney arrives in Vegas. Trump over his shoulder. Literally."

"And here's Mitt Romney deplaning in Las Vegas in front of Donald Trump's plane," Politico's Reid Epstein writes.

These two haven't even taken the stage yet. We're not sure we'll make it that event.

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