Fake Outrage: Romney Demands Obama Reject Castro's Niece's Endorsement

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Mitt Romney is shocked that President Obama has not publicly rejected an endorsement from a Castro -- not the Castro, as in Fidel, or even his brother, current Cuban president Raul -- but Mariela, Raul's daughter.

"I would vote for President Obama," Mariela Castro told an audience at a gay rights event in California Wednesday. Mariela is a 50-year-old sexologist who has pushed for reforms concerning gay rights in Cuba, and her visit to the U.S. was condemned by some Republicans. Romney's campaign is absolutely appalled that Obama would allow an entire day to go by without condemning Mariela for saying his name out loud in public. "President Obama should disavow the endorsement of the daughter of Cuban dictator Raul Castro," Romney campaign adviser Alberto Martinez said in a statement, as The Daily Caller's Alexis Levinson points out. In a way, though, it makes sense. Romney's a little weird about endorsements. 

People whose endorsement Mitt Romney's accepted in person: Donald Trump, John McCain, George H. W. Bush, Kid Rock.

People who've endorsed Romney via Romneyless press conference: Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Jon Huntsman.

People who've endorsed Romney via email or Twitter: Rick SantorumTed Nugent.

People who've endorsed Romney via elevator: George W. Bush.

No wonder Romney is upset about this second-tier Castro's endorsement. His endorsements ceremonies seem to follow a pattern based on how important the endorsers is. We just haven't quite figured out what that pattern is yet.

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