The Rich Get Richer: Romney Meets Newt's Sugar Daddy

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If Sheldon Adelson's name hasn't been on your news radar in a while, it's helpful to remember him as the guy who sunk millions of dollars into Newt Gingrich's presidential dreams. And today, as CBS's Laura Strickler notes, Romney is going to meet him. It's not like Romney needs the money (we've gone over this--he's plenty rich), but he could always use hefty donations to his super PAC (non-coordinated of course)--which Adelson has shown he's more than willing to dole out.  "Last month, the Romney super PAC Restore Our Future had its weakest fundraising haul with just $4.6 million. That was its lowest monthly fundraising total this year," reports Strickler. Obviously getting more money to play with and create anti-Obama attack ads would be ideal for Romney--especially since those ads seem to be the one thing that the Obama campaign seems to be most concerned about. 

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