The Presidential Pot-Smoking Cliff's Notes You Never Knew You Needed

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Head's up, Mitt Romney or anyone who wants to attack the president today for smoking pot back way back when. The merry band of memesters at Buzzfeed are highlighting all the scenes of Barack Obama smoking pot in David Maraniss's new biography. 

Maraniss' Barack Obama: The Story is supposed to be a narrative that moves "through generations and around the world, evoking time and place so vividly that readers feel they are there" and "follows young Barack from Hawaii to Indonesia to Los Angeles to New York to Chicago as he struggles with self-identity and searches for home." Well, that's what the book description on Amazon says. To Vanity Fair, it's a book about how Obama was kind of a player and how his college girlfriend writes like the Twilight author. But to Buzzfeed it's a chance to juxtapose details of Obama's pot-smoking youth and with images of the president looking high. And it's pretty funny:

We don't want to bogart all their content, so for the full breakdown, head on over to Buzzfeed.

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