Obama's Getting So Wrinkly

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President Obama likes to tell donors they need to chip in even though he's "not cool anymore" and "the old posters have faded." This week, Gawker's Max Read countered that Obama was never cool. Whether you think Obama ever had any cool to begin with, he's definitely gained something in the last four years: wrinkles. The youthful president who inspired college kids now looks a lot more like their parents.

April 24 at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill:

At a news conference April 30:

Taking up old folks' habits March 25:

At the White House Correspondents Dinner April 29:

Worry lines at a press conference with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos April 15:

Another from that same press conference:

At a building conference April 30:

Laugh lines at Southern Maine Community College March 30:

Looking tired while meeting with Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff April 9:

Just resting his eyes during church at the National Prayer Breakfast February 2:

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