Obama's Favorite Attack Dog? Newt Gingrich

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Some good news and some bad news for Newt Gingrich today. The good: There are people who still think he has clout despite suspending his run for president. The bad: It's President Obama's team, and they're using Gingrich to go after Mitt Romney.

The Obama campaign's newest ad, "Newt Gingrich: Frankly, not Mitt Romney's Biggest Supporter" (not exactly a succinct title, that), is a little under one-and-a-half minutes of Romney-bashing courtesy of Gingrich's television spots and debate moments. It comes at a bad time for the GOP since many are expecting Gingrich's endorsement of Romney to come pretty soon.

As Politico's Alexander Burns points out, this ad isn't meant to swing votes from those hardened Gingrich supporters since they wouldn't be voting for Obama in the election anyway. "One of the lingering effects of the long GOP primary, though, is a cache of clips like these with Gingrich, Rick Perry and other Republicans making many of the same arguments against Romney that Democrats are now making," Burns writes. And if you recall, President Obama joked multiple times about using the entire GOP Primary as an attack ad.  Well, here's his campaign making good on his word and ruining Gingrich's in the process: 

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