Obama Scratches Martha's Vineyard Off His Summer Fun List

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Snuffing out the op-ed outrage before it starts, it seems President Obama has decided not to take his annual vacation to that playground of the one percent, Martha's Vineyard.  

The Boston Herald's Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa have the news, suggesting that the president may have opted out because this year is an election year.  They're right--vacationing like an out-of-touch rich guy probably isn't what voters wants, especially since hiring (and the economy) have slowed and the fact that his campaign has made it very clear that an out-of-touch rich guy shoudn't be president. Those most affected by this nugget of seemingly inconsequential news of a president's non vacation plans are columnists (on the left and right) who will now have to find another piece of summer outrage to cling on to.

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