Mitt Romney Plays Imaginary President in His First Campaign Ad

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In Mitt's first ad for his Presidential campaign, he looks at what the first day of a Romney presidency might look like.

The narrator, which sounds oh-so-close-but-not-quite-just like him, goes over what Romney would do on his very first day in office if he were to be elected. His first day would look something like this: Romney would wake up with the sunrise and eat a healthy breakfast of bacon and eggs with Ann as they watch the sun come over the White House grounds, and then he would go inside and "immediately approve" the Keystone XL pipeline, introduce tax reform, and end Obamacare with "common sense health care reform." That's a big frist day! 

John Surico from the Village Voice's Runnin' Scared, who directed us to the video, runs down a quick list of reasons why these things aren't really possible on a President's first day. Tax reform is complicated and controlled by Congress! Repealing and changing Obamacare would take a really long time, and would also have to through Congress! Obama learned about tackling tax reform the hard way when his totally sensible plan that appealed to both sides still totally failed. Approving Keystone is the only one that could actually be done on the first day, but even then Obama's already approved the southern half of the pipeline. Here's the ad for your viewing pleasures: 

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