Mitt Romney Needs to Fire Whoever Can't Spell 'America'

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Today was the day we were finally going to crown and congratulate Mitt Romney as the official Republican nominee. Instead, he's just that out of touch rich guy who couldn't spell America. You see, yesterday (along with winning Texas and clinching the nominationRomney and his team released a photo app (Mittstagram if you will) that lets you take pictures of things and overlay a pro-Romney message on them.  The only problem being, well, look to the left.

Ouch. As of this morning, you could still download the app with the typo in place. Obviously this is mildly embarrassing for the official Republican nominee, and it's probably more reflective of a careless mistake some poor developer whose job may now be in question made when designing Mittstagram. (Hey, Romney likes being able to fire people.) But that hasn't stopped people from turning "Amercia" (sounds elegant, right?) into a meme to poke fun at Romney--who, as the Democratic party will never fail to remind you, has hard time relating to Amercia America. 

Amercia, land that Democrats love:

This pug dreams of a better Amercia:

God Bless Amercia:

Amercia, where two typos make a meme:

You get the point. Head on over to Twitter (where an #amercia hashtag is trending) if you want to see how creative people can get with this typo.

Photos via Twitter users: @robertblake, @gordonhughes, @onetruebix and @ txvoodoo

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