Mike Allen Wrote Playbook Email for 990 Days Straight

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History will remember May 16, 2012 as a day the Internet felt cold and empty without one of its most prominent political journalists. That's because Politico's Mike Allen took his first day off in nearly three years.

His colleague, Dylan Byers, tells us on Twitter: "After 990 consecutive days writing Playbook (), @MikeAllen has Gone Fishin’, taking his first day off since August 30, 2009." Yes, by our perusal of his archives, his streak includes weekends. Even Allen's Twitter lies dormant today. Jonathan Karl, of ABC, is filling in, apparently.

Allen's day off, of course, only highlights his terrifying work ethic. But we've had a couple recent looks into the workoholic lives of bloggers, haven't we? Just last week The New York Times told us all about the 4-to-9 (thats 4 a.m. to 9 p.m.) work schedule of Business Insider's Joe Weisenthal. (Allen himself, by the way, received a similar Times treatment back in 2010.) And really, anyone who's followed our Media Diets closely enough know the long hours some journalists pull. 

So have a great day off, Mike. Meanwhile, we're going to keep enjoying our Saturday mornings by sleeping in.

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