Obama Geeks Out Over His Medal of Freedom Recipients

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The ceremony honoring President Obama's Medal of Freedom recipients, who will receive the nation's highest civilian honor, is going on right now took place Tuesday. The picture above shows Madeleine Albright and Toni Morrison there in the front as well as several other honorees and their proxies. (Bob Dylan isn't pictured but he's there, wearing sunglasses of course.)

The full list: Bob Dylan, John Glenn, Madeleine Albright, John Doar, William Foege, Gordon Hirabayashi, Toni Morrison, Dolores Huerta, Jan Karski, Juliette Gordon Low, Shimon Peres, John Paul Stevens and Pat Summitt. You can watch live below. "This is a packed house which is a testament to how cool this group is," Obama opened. Indeed it is.

Update: Here's a photo of Obama geeking out with a shaded Bob Dylan, of whom the President confessed to being "a big fan." 

And an adorable photo of him holding hands and whispering with Morrison while her accomplishments were read to the audience.

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