Lamborn Goes After Challenger

Conservative Rep. Doug Lamborn, R-Colo., fired off an aggressive ad campaign against his primary challenger, wealthy businessman Doug Blaha, last weekend.

Lamborn's campaign released two television ads, as well as radio ads and a website, that highlight scandals surrounding Blaha's businesses while touting Lamborn's opposition to President Obama's "liberal agenda" and his health care legislation.

Throughout the campaign, Blaha has painted Lamborn as a cog in Washington's corrupt political machine, a message that dominates his response ad. The spot focuses on two tense incidents between Lamborn and his constituents: a 2006 debate in which Lamborn yelled at an audience member to "keep your mouth shut," and an angry 2007 voice mail that he left for the author of an unfavorable letter to the editor.

The primary is June 26; mail ballots will go out June 4.