The John Edwards Trial Has Officially Become a Joke

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When a judge and media covering this very serious trial start cracking jokes and laughing at the glacial pace of jury deliberations, it's a sure sign that this trial has jumped the shark. 

For those still paying attention, we're in day seven of jury deliberations, and there's this American Idol-esque scene from Greensboro, North Carolina via Politico's Josh Gerstein:

On Tuesday, just before the jury’s usual quitting time of 4:30 p.m., U.S. District Court Judge Catherine Eagles snapped reporters and court watchers to attention.

"The jury sent me a note saying they have reached a” Eagles said, pausing for dramatic effect, “good stopping point for the day.” The judge continued as peals of laughter broke out in the gallery and among court staff and lawyers. “So, they want to go home for the day,” she said, rolling her eyes a bit as the laughter continued. “I’m going to let them.”

The judge’s comments took place outside the jury’s presence, but she later apologized from the bench. “It was kind of mean. I’m sorry,” she said.

And, sadly, laughing and cracking jokes have kind of been the type of things this trial has deserved. After all, we've already seen color-coordinating mean girls and a possible flirtation between Edwards and a juror. How much sillier can this thing get? 

With all these antics, you'd almost forget that there's a possibility of a former presidential hopeful being sent to jail for 30 years


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