Jobs, Education Trump Immigration For Latino Voters, Survey Says

Despite the attention immigration gets, likely Latino voters think the economy and education are more important, according to a survey of 1,400 likely voters in five states with large numbers of Hispanic and Latino residents.

Among likely Latino voters, education was the second most important issue after jobs and the economy, said Alberto Collazo, communications director for HCREO during a press conference Tuesday in Washington.

The poll surveyed residents of Arizona, Florida, New Jersey, New Mexico, and Nevada.

The Hispanic Council for Reform and Educational Options and the American Federation for Children, collaborated to produce the survey on voter attitudes toward education. Both groups advocate for an expansion of school voucher programs and public funding for charter schools.

The survey also showed wide support for those programs. More than two-thirds of those surveyed said they believed that "choice and competition among school improves education." More than a quarter said they thought it hurt education.

Collazo urged politicians - particularly those running for president - to make their positions on education part of the political debate.

The general population also considers it important to improve the quality of kindergarten to 12 education. It ranked behind the economy and jobs and on par with reducing the budget deficit, according to the poll.