How Scott Walker Ruined Wisconsin

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"How Did Wisconsin Become the Most Politically Divisive Place in America?" asks The New York Times Magazine's Dan Kaufman this weekend. In two words: Scott Walker.  

Kaufman's riveting story is well worth a read, and details how Walker essentially fractured Wisconsin's politics. The first thought for anyone who isn't aware of the full extent of Walker's influence over Wisconsin law is something like, "He's legally allowed to do that?" Yes, he apparently is.

A few examples of Walker's power: Deals with iron-ore mining companies to weaken environmental laws, the tweaking of education rules, and (his claim to fame), the attempt to dismantle collective bargaining. The story reminded us of just how polarizing Walker's June 5 recall vote (against Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett) will be. 

For Kaufman's full story, head over to The New York Times Magazine.

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