'How Do We Know This Is Real?'

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Mitt Romney's painless decision to release his birth certificate in response to rumors that he might be a unicorn has given those who love to hate birthers ample opportunity to riff on their flaws.

One thing that makes dealing with birthers so frustrating is their ability to demand evidence that the President was born in the U.S., and once its provided, demand ever more specific proof. In the comments on Alex Abad-Santos's post "The Piece of Paper that Proves Mitt Romney is Human," several people did their best impressions of a Romney-birther (in case the real birthers we interviewed elsewhere weren't enough.) Our favorite comes from commenter Douglas Lee:

How do we know this is real? I want a good look at the original, delivered to my door, because I think his parents planted this while he was being born in France. Or maybe before, when they lived in Mexico. Fiendishly clever.

An elegant parody... or perhaps an inelegant conspiracy theorist? Either way.


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