Hillary Clinton Drops Out of the 2016 Presidential Race

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Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Monday that she hopes to see the United States elect its first woman president in her lifetime, but that it isn't going to be her. While visiting a girl's school in India this week as part of her ongoing Asian tour, Clinton was asked about the prospect of a female American leader and appeared to short circuit any prospect of her taking part in another election. She told crowd that our political system is "very difficult to navigate, for men and women, particularly for women" and that "I feel it's time for me to get off the high wire." Obviously, anything can change in next four years, particularly when we don't even know who will be our president in the next one, but Clinton — who will be 69 years old in November 2016 — seemed to be shutting down any more rumors about her future political prospects. After a week spent fighting China over human rights and trying to convince energy-poor India from doing business with Iran, you can hardly blame her for looking forward to retirement. 

You can watch the whole event below, but the discussion about the presidency starts at 33:00.

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