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Hahn Endorsed by Los Angeles Newspapers

Rep. Janice Hahn, D-Calif., has received a few encouraging words over the last week in the form of two newspaper endorsements in her incumbent-on-incumbent battle against Rep. Laura Richardson, D-Calif., in the Golden State's new 44th District.

The Los Angeles Times endorsed Hahn on Wednesday, following the Los Angeles Daily News group's endorsement the week before. Both papers, which have a combined circulation of more than 1 million, cited Hahn's ability to work across party lines in supporting her and expressed hope for what she might accomplish given a full term in the House. Hahn won a special election in 2011 to serve out the remainder of the term of retiring Democratic Rep. Jane Harman.

Though both endorsements were positive for Hahn, they focused largely on the ethics complaints against Richardson. While neither passed judgment on the charges against her — including that she used her legislative staff for campaign activities — both editorial boards expressed concern that the scandal was distracting Richardson from her duties.

Hahn and Richardson are the only candidates running for the Compton-based seat, and, with California's new top-two primary, will face each other in the general election as well, effectively turning the June 5 primary into a district-wide, state-run poll for the fall campaign.