Gingrich Optimistic About Romney's Chances With Latino Voters

Former GOP presidential contender Newt Gingrich has high hopes for Mitt Romney's chances with Latino voters.

"If Latinos conclude Mitt Romney's more likely to have my family have a job, he's more likely to bring down the price of gasoline, he's more likely to have my child have an effective education, does that overcome whatever the Democratic attack is?" he asked on NBC's Meet the Press.

Gingrich concluded that a large swath of Latinos would decide Romney was the better candidate on those issues, pegging his eventual support among that demographic at about the same level as won by George W. Bush, or in the 40 percent range.

However, a recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Telemundo poll showed Romney with 27 percent supportamong Latinos to President Obama's 61 percent. Democrats contend that Romney's immigration proposals, such as self-deportation, have exacerbated his problems among that bloc of voters.

Gingrich also slammed Obama for his attacks on Bain Capital, saying that Obama "has no model of effective job creation as compared to private capital" and asserting the president should take a different campaign tactic.

"Obama picking a fight on the economy is probably the worst possible strategy for his campaign," he said.