Geraldo Rivera's Icky TSA Joke

Fox News host Geraldo Rivera is attracting some attention for a gross joke he made while discussing the rising tide of anger at the TSA for their often invasive airport security mishaps.

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Fox News host Geraldo Rivera is attracting some attention for a gross joke he made while discussing the rising tide of anger at the TSA for their often invasive airport security mishaps. Rivera appeared on everyone's favorite trove of Daily Show material -- Fox News' Fox and Friends-- and laid this one on us, as flagged by Politico's Dylan Byers:

"Last time I flew to Afghanistan, I was manually raped by a guy ... This guy, it seemed to me, was getting off on it. And the more -- the tighter I got, and the angrier i got, and then he just wanted to be a little intimate... I said man, oh man, if that was Shep Smith there woulda been a real blowout."

He's obviously (okay, just hopefully) exaggerating a bit, but -- unintended puns aside -- he is speaking to a larger point. This is a world where the mother-in-law of The Atlantic's Jeff Goldberg gets flagged for an "anomaly in the crotch area" and a toddler finds herself on the no fly list.

Still, it's generally best to stay away from casual use of the word "rape." Our favorite part of the clip is the usually unflappable Gretchen Carlson's mild discomfort. We don't see this causing Rivera a huge headache (unlike with his ill-fated hoodie campaign.) Most likely, Rivera's comments will just provide fodder for a Jon Stewart riff. Have a look:

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