George W. Bush's Elevator Pitch: 'I'm for Mitt Romney'

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Mitt Romney received an endorsement from the other former President Bush — even if it was hastily delivered from behind the doors of a closing elevator. ABC News's Matt Negrin reports that George W. Bush gave a quick "I'm for Mitt Romney" statement as he escaped from the press following a speech in Washington this morning. (That was literally the whole statement.) Bush refused to back anyone during the GOP primaries, but now that Romney is the only one left standing (sorry Ron Paul fans), it's not much of a surprise that he still in the Republican camp.

Don't expect to see him out stumping on the trail too much, though. The fact that his endorsement was not carefully orchestrated by the Romney camp — as the endorsement of Bush's father and mother was early this year — shows that he needs a little more distance from his own presidency and the financial meltdown that accompanied the end of it before his "elder statesman" credentials can take full effect.

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