George W. Bush Can Haz Cat?

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Updated at 5:08 p.m.: It's the second biggest George W. Bush endorsement of the day: The former president is now a cat person. The Bush Center's website reports that W. and Laura acquired a stray cat in Crawford and named him Bob:

Formerly homeless, Bob now comfortably resides in Dallas with his new friends Barney and Miss Beazley. He enjoys playing with lizards, but he especially loves to search for the sunniest spot in the house to take a long catnap.

The Atlantic's Molly Ball first brought us the news by Twitter, and Buzzfeed, of course, subsequently jumped all over the cats-meet-politics story, with both Zeke Miller and Ms. Ball wondering, "Who names their cat 'Bob'?" It might say a lot about how successfully Bush has kept himself out of the news cycle that the starved masses are actually interested in this story. (Bob already has a fake Twitter feed.) Much more likely, it just says a lot about the mystical hold cats hold over our internet (and our brains?). Anyway, welcome to the public eye, Bob Bush.

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