Done Trolling Arizona, Hawaii Verifies President's Birth—Again

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Maybe they were just sick of it. Hawaii verified President Obama's birth records again (even though it didn't need to) late Tuesday, to Arizona's "I'm not a birther, but my friends are" Secretary of State Ken Bennett.

The Associated Press reports that Hawaii's Attorney General and his team have given Bennett the verification he "needed" because he was pandering to a bunch of fringe right-wingers in order to put Obama's name on the Arizona ballot in November, but not before trolling Arizona's secretary of state first by making his office put into words how silly their request was. We'd probably do the same thing if we had to verify President Obama's birth location for the past four years  even though he released it last year, and even though the birth certificate is on mugs,  and ... you get the picture, right?  Hopefully Bennett will too.

"It's not immediately clear whether the information will satisfy Bennett," reports the AP, which adds, "Bennett spokesman Matthew Roberts said the office received the verification and planned to comment Wednesday." We can't wait.

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