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Our Diverse Future: Virtually every issue facing U.S. society promises to be affected by deep currents of change — changes illuminated by significant demographic shifts between the young and the old. That's what this inaugural special edition is about.

Cover Story

The Future Has Arrived

By Maribel Hastings


Seen, Not Heard in Utah

By Shane Goldmacher


Who Is an American?

By Peter Schrag

The Politics of Change

Diversity's Limits

By Ronald Brownstein

GALLERY: Migrating Beyond City Limits to Rural Iowa
Interactions grow diverse in towns like Decorah, Marshalltown and Postville.

VIEWPOINT: Charlotte: Growing City, Growing Issues
The director of North Carolina's Latin American Coalition describes challenges to integration in Charlotte.

INTERACTIVE: Mapping Migration
See two views of population trends as Hispanics pack the West but are increasing fastest in the East.

This article is from the archive of our partner National Journal.

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