Diversity in Brief - May 8 Edition

A digest of all the best: Voter registration plunges among blacks and Hispanics; undocumented child immigration is on the rise; and more.

Black, Hispanic Voter Registration Falls Sharply

Two million fewer blacks and Hispanics are registered to vote, a considerable drop since the 2008 election. The high numbers are not a pattern of the typical drops between election cycles, but economic factors attributed to high unemployment rates and rising foreclosures, Antonio Gonzalez of the William C. Velasquez Institute, said to The Washington Post. The drop-in voter registration among two key demographics could be a big blow to President Obama's re-election campaign.

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U.S. Officials: More Minors Are Illegally Crossing the Borders

Despite a decline in overall illegal immigration, illegal youth immigration has been increasing. The U.S. government has detained more than 6,500 children who have illegally crossed the U.S. border between October and April. The problem is especially prevalent along the Texan border, where recent measles and smallpox scares have forced dozens of immigrant children into quarantine, Gov. Rick Perry says.

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New Website Features User-Generated Reports of Suspected Illegal Immigrants

People can now publish and map their suspicions about "illegal alien activity," thanks to IllegalAlienReport.com, a new website launched by a search engine marketing company. The user-generated reports, which contain the people's names and whereabouts, have created alarm within the Latino community. Latinos claim the site encourages more unwarranted hostility. The site also includes an online forum, links to illegal immigration news and a gift store selling merchandise featuring anti-immigrant sentiments.

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Demographic Shifts Could Be Contributing to Unimpressive Jobs Report

Economists are speculating that the declining labor force participation rate from last week's jobs report may be due to several factors, including demographic changes. The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago estimates that about half of the drop is due to the changes within the U.S. population's aging workforce, namely as the baby boomer generation begins to retire.

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Jobs Report Reveals Unemployment Drop for Black Women

Unemployment numbers for black women have decreased by 3.1 percent since December 2011, one of the few bright findings from the lackluster jobs report released last week, this article says. The decrease is the largest for any demographic group.

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Childless Marriages Aren't the Key to Happiness, Studies Find

Having children might actually make you happier, according to two new studies, the findings of which contradict the traditional view that childless marriages are more satisfying and often happier than ones with offspring. The data, presented at the Population Association of America's annual meeting, found that no evidence exists that having a child decreases a parent's overall well-being.

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ABC News, Univision to Jointly Own New English-Speaking Hispanic Channel

A new English-speaking channel targeted to the Hispanic market will be launched in a joint venture by ABC News and Univision News. The Hispanic population is estimated to make up 30 percent of the U.S. by 2050, and the market has been valued at $1 trillion.

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