Diversity in Brief - May 25 Edition

Undocumented immigrants caught red-handed in a phony UPS van; why a free market needs immigration, and more.

How White Women Could Be Key to a Democratic Victory

College-educated white women could be the ticket for President Obama's reelection, according to results from two recent polls. In particular, Obama won almost three-fifths of the vote from single white women lat time, and he appears poised win them again in the coming election, National Journal reports. Other indicators of voting patterns include education and church attendance.

In recognition of the voting power that single women hold, Senate Democrats are working to appeal to them by pushing through legislation that addresses pay discrimination, according to Bloomberg Businessweek.

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Column: What Free Markets and Immigration Have in Common
U.S. immigration policies are arbitrarily set and aren't conducive to ensuring the greatest potential success for our economy, writes Alex Nowrasteh in an op-ed for the Washington Times.

"In a free market, firms and workers should be free to negotiate and work together - regardless of nationality," Nowrasteh argues. "The labor market is the largest market in the U.S., and increasing legal immigration will allow people to move to our relatively capitalist economy, where they are most productive, increasing economic growth in the process."

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Border Patrol Discovers Illegal Immigrants in Fake UPS Truck
Thirteen undocumented  immigrants attempting to cross the border were found in a fake United Parcel Service van near Niland, Calif., the Huffington Post reports. U.S. Border Patrol officials said the van looked identical to an official UPS van, except for a slightly crooked logo on the back.

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Dallas Mom Sues Feds for Deporting Her Daughter
A Dallas mother is suing the Justice and Homeland Security departments, claiming that her teenage daughter was illegally detained and deported to Colombia after she ran away from home, the Associated Press reports. The then-14-year-old was caught shoplifting at a Houston mall and claimed that she was a 21-year-old Colombian national, after which she was deported back to the South American country. After seven months in Colombia, where she was impregnated by a 29-year-old, the teen found her way back to the U.S.

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Staten Island Wants Its Own Chinatown
Residents of Staten Island, N.Y., are asking local officials for help in establishing a Chinatown-like area in the borough, saying that the few Asian supermarkets there aren't sufficient to sustain the growing Asian population.

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