'Unzipped' Romney Livens Up Boring Campaign

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The Web has alighted with a quote from Ann Romney that sounded unintentionally, shall we say, PG-13. Asked by a Baltimore radio host whether Mitt Romney is really as "stiff" as he sometimes seems to voters, Ann Romney replied, according to ABC News: "Well, you know, I guess we better unzip him and let the real Mitt Romney out because he is not!"

We'll just leave you to put together the kinds of juvenile (and only occasionally funny) jokes people are making. Meanwhile, we'll ponder whether this is, in fact, a gaffe to add to the long list of awkward statements from the Romneys. Sure it is, in the sense that Mrs. Romney probably should have chosen her words more carefully given the phrasing of the question to save us all a shudder. But a really good gaffe typically speaks to something more broadly lacking in the politician. Democrats use Romney's "couple of Cadillacs" gaffe to argue his policies are out of touch with everyday voters. Today's little addition to the "stuff Romneys say" Hall of Fame doesn't really tell us much except that Ann Romney is either very skilled at sexual punnery or, more likely, very ignorant of it. And that the rest of us might be getting a little stir-crazy after many months of Republican primaries. 

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