'This Industry's Voice on Capitol Hill': The Drone-Industrial Complex

This will make you feel better in just about every way. About Congress itself, about checks and balances on the military, about oversight of big spending programs, and about prudent expansion of controversial new technologies -- including our capacity for aerial surveillance and attack. Fellow Americans, I give you: the Congressional Unmanned Systems Caucus, dedicated to promoting greater purchase and use of aerial drones.


Most reassuring of all is the welcome message from the co-chairs of the Caucus, identifying themselves and their colleagues as "this industry's voice on Capitol Hill" [!!!!! Umm, what about being the voice of your constituents?] and saying that use of drones will expand "as public acceptance progresses."


"As public acceptance progresses" is one of those phrases so perfect that I will not burden it with commentary but leave it to be savored on its own.

Best of all, the caucus is bipartisan! We can't agree on treaties or taxes, but when it comes to new outlays, we have found a way to get along. Background from Tom Barry, and thanks to Jay Ackroyd for the tip.