Tampa Can Ban Water Guns But Not Actual Guns at the Republican Convention

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Bummer. You won't be able "super soaker" water gun to Democratic and Republican National Convention this year, but hey, that concealed 9mm pistol in your jacket is totally fine in the states hosting the conventions, North Carolina and Florida. Both states allow peopled to carry concealed guns and, the AP reports. (They both also have Stand Your Ground laws.) RNC and DNC officials are worried about the possibility of protesters in Tampa and Charlotte getting rowdy, so they've proposed things like "clean zone" protest area (which kind of sound like Coachella--stages, portable bathrooms, microphones) and have been trying to use the $50 million in Federal aid to beef up security. But they can't do a thing about guns. 

"Tampa city leaders have already proposed a host of banned items (lumber, hatchets, gas masks, chains and "super soaker" water cannons) - but they are prevented from outlawing concealed guns," writes the AP.  Though, you could argue that many items on that list aren't very concealment-friendly. And, yea, we have to wonder about how much good banning this gaudy-made-to-not-look-like-a-real-gun "super soaker" (right) will do. 

The AP adds

Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn said the state law has made the city "look silly," particularly because officials can ban water guns but not real ones.

"We're kind of constrained by the state law," he said

Silly, well, that's putting it gently. 

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