Romney Insists He's Connecting With You

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Appearing on Fox News Wednesday, Mitt Romney provided another of his delicious soundbites, saying: "The person I'm out of touch with is Barack Obama. I'm in touch with the American people." This comes via Buzzfeed's Zeke Miller.

That's the quote that's already burning up Twitter from the appearance, because it's so, so awkward to insist you're in touch with everybody like that, but it's not really the news. The news is that Romney's made it clear he considers the general election to have started Tuesday, now that Rick Santorum's out of the race, and he's ready to pick out a vice presidential candidate. The decision process for a running mate "has not begun yet but will probably begin pretty soon," Romney said, according to Mail Online's Tony Harnden. As to who that may be, it's still an open question. Harnden quotes Romney: "I don't have a list yet, that will come soon enough." One thing we probably know for sure: Whoever he picks will probably be pretty boring.

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