Romney Locks in Worthless Rick Perry Endorsement

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Just how useless is a Rick Perry endorsement nowadays? Well, Perry's 39 percent approval rating in Texas is sad enough, but one poll finds that the one way Romney could do worse in the state is if he chooses Perry as a running-mate. Maybe that's why Romney merely tweeted (yes, tweeted!) his thanks for the Texas Miracle's endorsement last night instead of putting out a proper statement like he did with South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley and not-a-witch Republican afterthought Christine O'Donnell. (Who knows, maybe Romney will say something nice later today.)

As it turns out, Public Policy Polling found that Romney doesn't really need Perry's help in the traditionally red state, as he leads both Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul by large margins in the state. "Texas looks like it will remain Republican in the general election, although it might be closer than it was in 2008," wrote the team at PPP, adding: "One thing that would make Obama more competitive in Texas is the- very, very off chance- that Rick Perry was on the ticket. In that case Romney's advantage over Obama would be reduced from 50-43 to 50-45." Well, thanks all the same, Rick.

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