Progress (Sort of) in the Pointless Hunt for Youth Voters

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President Obama has been touring the country and slow jamming with Jimmy Fallon, urging Congress to extend a lower interest rate on federal student loans, and Wednesday, House Speaker Boehner scheduled a vote on the measure -- so, wait, did Obama just get his way with Boehner?

Well, no. Read onward, and you discover that Boehner wants to fund the extended interest rate break with cuts to Obama's health care overhaul.Now that's s a pretty clever maneuver, Speaker Boehner! Still, it's something resembling progress. Ezra Klein wrote a New Yorker piece arguing that any time a President made a big issue of something, he pretty much asked the opposing party to stop it. Boehner's not exactly stopping it. Perhaps that's because Mitt Romney sort of shocked us earlier this week by coming out in favor of the interest rate extension too, mixing up any kind of strict party divide on the problem. How will Obama respond to this devious move on Boehner's part? Tune in to the next episode of the ever-more-complex but pretty consistently pointless hunt for youthful voters.

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