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"Forward" is a word we're bound to hear a lot from the Obama campaign in the coming weeks, and just to remind you (possibly that it's a totally different slogan than MSNBC), they've provided a seven-minute video, too.

The MSNBC connection was one of first things we thought of when his team unveiled the slogan today, along with its long-form ad (below).  Well, actually, the first thing we thought was that "Change We Can Believe In" was just so much better. Seriously, how are crowds supposed to respond to someone yelling "Forward!"? (March? Ho? E-mail?) But hey, we aren't paid to do figure that out (though we imagine someone has been compensated handsomely).

Ahh well, here's the video, complete with congressional dissidence and GOP obstruction, to show you how "Forward" the Obama campaign promises to be: 

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