Obama Had Better Practice His Bob Dylan Impression

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President Obama will award the Medal of Freedom to 13 honorees this year, the White House announced Thursday, among them Bob Dylan, which prompts the question: Which Dylan song will Obama try to sing at the ceremony? As you no doubt recall, the president rarely misses an opportunity to sing—whether at home or on the road.

So, which one of Dylan's many songs will he pick? Might we suggest "It's Alright Ma" with its apropos (or inapropos...) lyric, "But even the president of the United States / Sometimes must have to stand naked." True, but hopefully not at the ceremony. Madeleine Albright and Toni Morrison* will be there for goodness sake! 


Note: Our post originally said that Juliette Gordon Low, founder of the Girl Scouts, would be at the ceremony. She's actually receiving the honor (very) posthumously, and thus, won't be in attendance. Our apologies!

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