National Organization for Marriage Apparently Hacked to Sound Decent

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The National Organization for Marriage sounded like a group of cogent human beings ashamed of their stance on gay marriage and playing on fear mongering and racial divide to get their point across this morning. They can thank their hacker for that.  These are the uncharacteristic tweets from the NOM organization this morning (which have since been removed):


The tweets reference documents which we had reported on earlier--that NOM, as a part of its strategy, specifically targeted African American and Latinos to get their anti-gay message across. The tweets also reference an uncharacteristic blog post (remember, these are the people who compared gay marriage to an apocalyptic storm) on the NOM site, which Towleroad managed to transcribe, before it was taken down:

In the last couple of weeks you've heard some pretty bad things about this organization. I must admit that we were angered when our in house documents were released but we've since had time to reflect on the strategies we've employed to divide Americans against each other on the issue of marriage. Truth be told, marriage is about bringing people together, not pushing them apart and that's exactly what this organization has been about over the past few years.

Aside from that on an unrelated matter, we've stifled free speech on our social media online properties. We're rectifying that this morning by removing the bans on the hundreds and hundreds of our opponents our staff imposed. We want to encourage an open and fair discussion about marriage and that can only happen if we welcome our outspoken opponents back into the dialogue.

We apologize for our transgressions. We're turning over a new leaf with constitutional and civil rights as our primary focus going forward. We hope you will stand with us as we turn things around for the better.

According to The Washington Blade, this was echoed on NOM's Facebook page as well. And apparently someone has registered the @NOMTweets Twitter account, which NOM had been using before. NOM's old and undeleted tweets are now found at @NOMupdate.

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