Mitt Romney Wins the Coveted Duggar Family Endorsement

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Mitt Romney just got himself a small army of campaigners in the God-fearing, stringed instrument-playing, formerly Santorum-supporting Duggar family.

According to The New York Daily News' Brian Browdie, Jim Bob Duggar, his wife Michelle and their 19 kids announced on Thursday that they'd be throwing their support behind Romney for the remainder of the primary and presumably the general election. It's unclear how much of a boon this will be to the Romney campaign. After all, this is the family with the TLC show 19 and Counting that's equally as horrific as it is fascinating. The Atlantic Wire's own Richard Lawson recently wrote about the show's mix between "stomach-churning religiosity" and "grimness."  "So that's why the rage-junkies watch this horrorshow," he added, "to get that electric adrenalin rush of anger at what a strange and backwards belief system these seemingly cheery and wholesome creatures actually operate under." But, hey, support's support!

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