Jon Stewart on the Embarrassments of North Carolina

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It's enough to make you wonder if Democrats really want to have their convention in Charlotte later this year.  So there's the looming well-groomed specter of John Edwards and his trial that are taking place, which Stewart points out, could use a little class (apparently the phrase"crazy slut" was thrown around in the courtroom). But, as Stewart points out, that isn't the only North Carolinian sex scandal going on right now. Enter one Jay Parmley, the now-former North Carolina Democratic Party executive director, accused of sexually harassing a male staffer. Or rather, David Parker, the NC Democratic Party chairman who didn't fire Parmley (Parker is expected to resign), but left a litany of loose excuses like Parmley was just a "close talker" or that men have tons of fun punching each other in the groin. Stewart, take it away:


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