James O'Keefe's Latest Target: Eric Holder's Ballot

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Apparently unsatisfied with just the attention of New Hampshire's attorney general for his January voter-fraud stunt, James O'Keefe and Project Veritas are now taunting the feds, releasing a video Monday of an operative asking for, and getting offered, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder's ballot. The video, taken from what looks like a hidden camera, appears to show a Washington, D.C. poll worker handing over Eric Holder's ballot to a young man who we later see looks nothing like him. Like they did in most (but not all) instances in New Hampshire when asking for ballots belonging to dead people, the operative asking for Holder's ballot doesn't actually take it, but says he wants to go get his identification from the car and walks out.

It's part of conservative prankster-videographer O'Keefe's ongoing campaign to show voter fraud is rampant despite Holder's insistence that it's not. (Holder's point is supported by studies from places such as NYU's Brennan Center.) Of course, the Veritas stunt really only proves that places that don't have voter ID laws don't ask for voter ID. It doesn't reveal a widespread problem of people falsely impersonating other voters. In fact, the only people it proves impersonate voters are those working for Project Veritas. Video below:

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