Hillary Has Better Things to Do Than Attend the Democratic Convention

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In a move that will fuel her current meme-mentum, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has announced that she will be skipping the 2012 Democratic National Convention. “Given her current position, she will not be attending, consistent with her not engaging in any political activity whatsoever,” Philippe Reines, spokesman for the Secretary of State, told The Charlotte Observer, which reports that ethical guidelines and federal statutes preclude Clinton, and some cabinets from participating in anything partisan. 

Of course, Secretaries of States not attending political gatherings has been the rule (Reines can't even remember any from the modern era who have attended), but Clinton's non-attendance will probably gather some attention due to her current Texts From Hillary meme--in which Clinton is either too badass to deal with the hoi polloi (that includes President Obama) or too busy running the world to be bothered. The site's split-imaged memes, have gotten attention from The Washington Post and MSNBC (and others), in large  part because they combine Clinton's image with Meryl Streep's Devil Wears Prada too-cool persona and because Clinton is enjoying a popularity boom thanks to an all-time high in favorability ratings and the hypothetical fact that, according to poll numbers, she could crush anyone if she were running for president.  

 Granted, "skipping because of ethical guidelines" isn't exactly the meme-friendliest excuse for bailing on the DNC. So we'll just imagine this is how it went down:

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