Hillary Clinton on Texts from Hillary: 'Thanks for the Many Lolz'

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Update (3:55 p.m. EDT): The state Department confirmed via email that Clinton did send the texts and that she met with Smith and Lambe for some laughs -- or rather, lolz.

It is very hard to believe that Hillary Clinton texted "nice selfie" to the guy who runs Texts From Hillary, but in fact she did, and she finds the whole site hilarious. The week-old Tumblr posted on Tuesday that it had received its first text from the secretary of state herself: "sup Adam nice selfie Stace :-)" she (or a staffer acquainted with Internet-ese) apparently wrote, followed by "ROFL @ ur Tumblr! g2g -- Scrunchie time. ttyl?" (We had to go look up "selfie" — it means self portrait) Seriously, though, who would believe the Secretary of State actually took the time to write that? But then Adam Smith, who runs the Tumblr along with Stacy Lambe, posted on Twitter that he'd met Clinton, and that she'd signed a print-out of the post she supposedly created, writing "thanks for the many lolz":

Still, you obviously can't believe everything you see on Twitter, so we reached out to the State Department to see if they could confirm the secretary had actually texted Smith. State hasn't responded, but the handwriting looks legit. Lonestar Autographs sells signed copies of Clinton's books, with pictures. This a note she signed on a copy of her 2003 book, Living HIstory:

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They're not a perfect match -- most notably the "H" in Hillary connects the right leg to the cross bar in the book autographs but not in Smith's post. But they're pretty close: Look at the similar "l"s, with the left shorter than the right, and the similarly shaped "ary." Barring any official denial from Clinton, we're ready to go along with Texts From Hillary in reporting that the secretary of state really does have a knack for Internet lolz.

Update (3:225 p.m. EDT): Just as we were publishing our report, Texts from Hillary posted the below photo of the secretary of state laughing along with the bloggers. It's still not hard proof she texted what they say she did, but it certainly shows she's cool with the lolz:

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