Even Hilary Rosen is Sick of Hearing From Hilary Rosen

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If your'e among those who are sick and tired of hearing about Hilary Rosen and her CNN remarks about Ann Romney, you have company in Rosen herself, who announced on Friday she didn't want to go on Meet the Press because she had "said enough." 

It's high time, Rosen said in a statement, for her and everyone else to move on. Barack Obama's people are certainly tired of hearing about it. The Hill' Justin Sink and Aime Parnes quote an unnamed "former aide" who said, "I think it comes dangerously close to giving this silly story legs through the next week."  And Rosen certainly seems to agree. She tweeted earlier on Friday that she had decided to forego the appearance, following up her brief announcement with a statement that Meet the Press ran in full:

I thank David and the folks at MTP for offering me the chance to participate in the Roundtable.  It will be an important political discussion, as it always is on Meet the Press.  But I have said enough and while I have unfortunately made the Producer’s job tougher today, I don’t have anything more to say.  I apologized to Mrs. Romney and work-in-home moms for mistakenly giving the impression that I do not think their work is valuable.  Of course it is. I will instead spend the weekend trying to explain to my kids the value of admitting a mistake and moving on.

Thanks, Hilary. Have a quiet weekend. We're not sure the rest of us will with this "War on Moms" you helped kick off still going on.

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