DNC Chair: Romney's Immigration Stance 'Most Extreme' of Any Presidential Candidate in History

Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wassermann-Schultz had some harsh words for Mitt Romney as the presumptive GOP nominee tries to woo Latino voters.

"Mitt Romney has the most extreme position on immigration of any presidential candidate in history," Wassermann-Schultz said on Tuesday on CNN's Starting Point.

Romney is eager to court Latino voters, with one recent poll showing him trailing President Obama by a 5-to-1 margin in that demographic. At a Pennsylvania campaign stop on Monday, Romney shared the stage with Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, a possible vice presidential choice, but declined to take a position on an immigration bill Rubio is drafting.

The DNC chair said Romney's immigration stance is beginning to hurt him in states with large Latino populations like Arizona. She also touted the Obama administration's immigration policy and his campaign's outreach to Hispanic voters.

"We're organizing there, making sure that we reach out to the Latino community," Wassermann-Shultz said, " ... and will make sure that there is a reasonable legal path to status in the United States."