Conversations From The Next America: How Demography Shapes the National Agenda

Here's a roundup of Tweets  surrounding the April 19 The Next America event, How Demography Shapes the National Agenda, held at the Newseum in Washington and live streamed via the Web.

April 19, 8:35 a.m., via @JordanFabian: Univision's @Enrique_Acevedo moderating #njnextamerica panel with Reps. Clarke, Cleaver, and Labrador.

8:44 a.m., via @TheNextAmerica: "Diversity really helps open up the minds and the hearts of people." @rephansenclarke #njnextamerica

8:59 a.m., via @TheNextAmerica: "Ten states in the U.S. would not have had any population growth, but for Hispanics," Rep. E. Cleaver (D-MO). @repcleaver #njnextamerica

9:01 a.m., via @NationalJournal: Clarke: I think what's so valuable about having diverse representation is many of us really rely on our experiences

9:18 a.m., via @TheNextAmerica: Labrador: Shorten time it takes for legal immigrant workers to get green cards. Now takes 8 - 15 years. @Raul_Labrador #njnextamerica

9:21 a.m., via @TheNextAmerica: New NJ Next America poll on demographic changes shows America is coming together and pulling apart. #njnextamerica

9:22 a.m., via @TheNextAmerica: Two thirds of Americans under 30 say they have friends of other backgrounds. We're interacting more than older generations. #njnextamerica

9:27 a.m., via @TheNextAmerica: Nearly 60% of Hisp. and Af. Ams. think racial prejudice contributes to income disparities. About a quarter of whites agree. #njnextamerica

9:28 a.m., via @TheNextAmerica: African Americans and Hispanics are more optimistic about the opportunities for the future than whites. #njnextamerica

10:42 a.m., via @NationalJournal: Rubio: I don't want to be the vice president right now, or maybe ever. I really want to do a good job in the Senate.

10:45 a.m., via @NationalJournal: Rubio: If I do a good job as a vice president--I'm sorry as Senator--I'll have the chance to do all sorts of things

11:33 a.m., via @NationalJournal: Sen. Marco Rubio slipped at the @TheNextAmerica event this morning. 'If I do a good job as vice president ...'

11:50 a.m., via @NationalJournal: Rubio: Arizona immigration law is not model for nation